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new jcb7230

ford/nh fan

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got mine tuesday not a bad model but why havent they changed the hitch? still the same old unworkable one that is too short for mounted implements i thought they were going to change the lingage system?


dont be silly, it cost money to do that!!, they have been told numerous times though, and we have been fed the same reply, but i guess this model was already in the pipeline before any changes could take place?? :-[:-[

lets hope it is sooner than later, getting fed up of useless models from them (having aid that i havent bought ANY models from any one for ages!!!).....atleast i dont have to get one now as you have told us its pretty useless....as per :D :D

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you need to remember that they started developing this model over a year back ,and drawing ect before that at a guess, they know the hitch is wrong, andys told them enough times, and they have said it will be sorted, but the current range coming out are past being corrected, would delay stuff with the remaking of the casts and moulds for them ,but with luck the new ones for next year wont be, like the mf and anything else they are doing

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