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Yellow Ford 5000 Supermajor Set


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Thats a lovely set ploughmaster, whats the history on your set?

i've seen a couple sell, karen Harris sold one unboxed for about 300 last year and i watched 2 guys fight over a boxed one at Brighton Racecourse about 5years , wasn't you ploughmaster was it?  :D went for 1300 i think.

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I'll geta nosebleed if I got that High up Udi? :D - I want that model though... now that would convert me to Fords that one? ;)

Sorry Marky i'm shaking in dissssssssbelief can you repeat those kind words about the fordson ?:D

Ol no i get it cos its yellow like another purchase you picked up recently ?:D

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65 ! - I was -2 then? :o - I would wager that there arn't many of those left in that condition then

You are probably right there .Sometimes I like my models to be as rough as can be .Then you can understand how much fun someone has had playing with them .I look at some of my older ones a think ,I wonder who had this when it was new? was it a birthday present ?Xmas ?

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