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self propelled mower

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nice one!

Q; (in the real world) is the Hp pf the chopper not a bit OTT for 3 mowers, which a smaller tractor could pull? would it not just use up more fuel?


Nice model, I did one too.norscot claas bought cheaper with no grass header  put the same siku claas gang onto it.

A contractor round here uses his old claas SPFH with the claas 3 mower set up, apparently the chopper needed a lot of cash spendin on it, was getting old , but they said the engine was ok...........it isnt one of the giants and he says the work rates achieved  prove more cost effective with that machine than his 150 hp Ford and trailed mower.......????????

they replaced the chopper with a new Claas  for 04 season.......

On a similar note there is a guy  who works in the  stranraer and  south ayrshire  area uses a Krone Big M and again he says the work rates achieved easily justify the expense  and he has no problems using it rather than a trailed mower.

I have only seen two guys running a front mower along with the trad rear trailed mower one uses a JD 6810 .....claas mounted mowers front and rear  and cut 90 acres in 10 hours .I`d say that was pretty good going given the fields we have here. The other guy runs a big Ford  dont ask me the number its an 83  something but its massive looking, he has a claas on the front  and a big trailed Claas on the back


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Yes it was from Germany and think it was 100 euros but I bought it as I did not think Siku would build one however never thought of UH and I'm sure that next month when their version is released it will be much superior. Never mind I'll have 2 and they will be different.

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