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John Deere 8400

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Hello everyone,

Here's one of my most recent project.

It's a John Deere 8400 modified to european standards.

I've construct wheels and tyre's from de JD 6930 from Wiking.

Also have i mounted a frontlinkage from universal hobbie's witch i modified to fit on the frame.

The rear fenders are now also to the european standards.

Further i've ad some small details to the model to fit in my 1:32 machine park.

Enough talking, time for picture's.

Kind regards, Sjonnie.





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I think the Ertl 8400 has been one of the best models to be used for a custom model. You have taken this model and made it even better, it looks great. Are the rear fenders made from resin and made from scratch by yourself?

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Thanks for the compliment, Deere-est.

They are scatch, custom made fenders made by myself.

I made the fenders from Messing sheet metal.

I bent it myself.

The rear from the fender is from polystyreen with Revell modeling body putty.

Then i sand it with sandpaper en finished it with paint.

I will post some pictures from the fenders in the workshop.



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To John Deere Collector,

I've drilled a hole of +/- 4 mm in the center of the front wheel.

Then you see a screw ( or how do you call it ) that you can turn lose with a screwdriver.

Then the wheel comes off.

The rear wheels are easy,

on the axel you see a black plastic tube.

With a pincet or something you can pull this off the axel.

Then you remove the wheels en you pull the axel from the other side true the frame.

Succes with removing, greetings Sjonnie.

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