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UH New Holland T6020 2011 edition


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So what is actually different on this version...so far I have:

- Loader is blue, not black

- Front mudguards

Anyone spotted anything else different?

Have a look on G&M site if you haven't seen it - an updated version of the NH T6020 model

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nice to see the real thing, what does your uncle think of the real deal then??

Your welcome Jordan. He's very pleased with it's performance so far. It's more powerful than the TS110 its replaced, this alone will see it gain a larger and more productive role on the farm given some of the kit my Uncle uses in a minimum tillage based system. It's run faultlessly so far but it's only done 150 hours in it's working life. I'll be interested to hear his thoughts later in the year. :) 

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Anything else different? looks like the worklamps are now oval and not rectangle from another picture I've seen of it

I think that's it - blue loader, oval lights and mudguards.

I for one am delighted that Universal Hobbies have decided to update the T6020 even if it is just the loader from black to blue and the addition of front mudguards.

It looks like you'll need to merge the two UH models to get an exact match as your Uncle's machine has the older square type!

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