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Lyredane Farm

Blue man

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A model of a 200 Acre Dairy Farm(Roughly)Based on our own Farm.
It will be based in the 90s and we use Ford Tractors.
150 Acres are Paasture of which 100 are cut for silage each year.
The other 50 is beet.
We have 100 Milking Fresians,25 Heifers,25 Bullocks and 25 Bulls.
I am still designing it so it will be a while before any thing is built
I have planned the Gear though.
`92 Ford 7810 Turboed
`88 Ford 7610
`79 Ford 7600 Loader Tractor
`77 Ford 6600 Fritzmiere Cab
`60 Fordson Performance Major
`85 Cat 910
John Deere 1360 Mower
Taarup 602B Silage Harvester
14Ft Murphy Silage Trailer
13Ft Lynch Silage Trailer
13Ft National Silage Trailer

10x6 Middleton Eng. General Purpose trailer
Fiskers 4 Furrow Conventional Plough

Ransomes TSR 4 Furrow reversible plough
Parmiter Disc Harrow
1 Axle Flatbed
W Perfect Topper
Forde Eng. Transport Box
Fleming yard scraper
Ross More 2000 Gal Vacum Tank
Abbey 2000 Side Spreader

If I`ve forgot anything please tell me

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sounds a intresting project, will be looking forward to seeing how you get on , are you going for the level changes to or just all flat

I got the ispiration off your layout actually






It will be all flat but i might raise it as I progress

Ambitious project - there can't be much you've forgotten. Look forward to seeing future developments :)

Hopefully not anyway,we`ll see how i get on

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sounds like you have it all planned well, 1/3rd of ash trees main farm is currently up with new ditches ect, just awaiting a order from mandy for grass ect to finish it of,

when do you plan to start it off then?

As soon as I get the two 8x4 sheets!!

I must get some of Mandys stuff from her Irish supplier :)

I already have the main Silage Pit and two lean to Cubical Houses half Built

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