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Which combine to replace the Lexion 480?  

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  1. 1. Which combine to replace the Lexion 480?

    • Lexion 600
    • John Deere T670i

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Not what i originally had planned but i think this would suit me much better, it is an 8000 acre arable farm growing osr, wheat, beans, potatoes, sugar beet, cabbages, cauliflowers, brussel sprouts, leeks, carrots, and parsnips.

the farm currently has 15 tractors, 2 combines, and a variety of other harvesting equipment.

i will get pictures up tomorrow but the farm isn't detailed yet as it has to be taken out and put back in because i'm having the carpet replaced in my bedroom soon, i'm also moving some of the buildings as well as making a coldstore, workshop and a variety of other stores before it is finished, which is when i will start detailing it, will take a while but i'll get there!  :D

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Looking good,you could always add on a "Lean to" to accommodate them tractors ;)

that's what i plan to do at somepoint, when i get the other yard set up and ready i can move one or two of the buildings to the other yard then have smaller buildings for this yard, would make a lot more room, i was planning to have one yard for storing crops etc... and then the other yard for storing all the machinery and that  :D

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My beet/carrot/parsnip drill i made from lego  ;) didn't feel i had the skills to scratchbuild one and the gilles one looks a bit too flimsy, so i think i'm just going to paint this one to do the job, also going to make one or two vegetable planters out of lego and paper with siku adapters  ;)



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well i have new carpet being fitted in my bedroom next monday so i am going to focus on making the machinery for it rather than improving the yard, then the plan is to put everything down on two boards of MDF, get all the buildings painted up and the shutters made, then have one board in one room and one in another, one will be a crop/fertilizer/seed storage yard, the other will be a machinery storage yard with an office and a workshop etc  ;)

i'm going to have 3 big workhorses:

JD 8430t

JD 8345rt

then heres the question - for the third one, i could have either a Case Quadtrac 535 or a JD 9530t, i'm not bothered which one i have but it's just a decision i have to make, the quadtrac is more meaty but the JD would look better with the other 2 track machines. I can't decide so i thought i would let you guys decide.

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To fetch this little beauty  8) we were going to order a fendt 312 to pull the veg planter and possibly the beet drill, but as i was passing Burdens the local JD dealer a few evenings ago i noticed this little gem, a secondhand JD 5820, so i took the lad who would be driving it down to have a look and he really liked it so i decided to take the plunge and buy it, having saved a fair bit by buying secondhand it now means the next tractor can be a bit higher spec  :D

Here she is arriving on the fastrac...



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hope the new deere dose well for you needs a nice front linkage and P.T.O and fit a loader on it and you will have a jack of all trades tractor

took the front linkage off mate, for going on a veg planter i didn't really need front linkage so i just put a PDC front weight on it

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Row crop wheels going in her mate?

most likely mate, i think i will probably get 2 sets of front and rear axles, have the standard wheels on one, and row crops on the other, then it's a simple case of unscrewing the bottom and swapping the axles to put the row crops on  :P

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Here we have James, the joker of the crew, rolling in on the 718 after a day working land down with the powerharrow and press, only to find theres a JD 5820 in his parking space!  :laugh:

P.s sorry for the bad photo quality, my camera doesn't work right with artificial light  :-\





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