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concrete section sizes


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guys when you lay new concrete floor section in yards, is there a set size you tend to use??? between the wooden expansion boards you use. i seem to remember doing some a long time ago but in a pig unit so it was set between each pen wall, but never done yards, just looking for arough size for the new flooring on ash tree when it gets done soon

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to be honest, in those older days it may have been different?, some of our floors in warehouses dont have any joints where as some are along the grid lines, ok different loads to a road!, i'll see what else i can find ;)

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If it helps Sean, in the real concrete yard world, depends on the site and access. We had a yard concreted many years ago and the loads were either 3, 6 or 9 meter (sq). Yard area boarded in area that load would cover, boards removed for next load and so-on untill the whole area covered. Recommended thickness was a minimum of 4 inches for a stock yard or 6 inches for a silage pit/yard where tractors would be travelling over.

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