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Fendt and John Deere to launch new models

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In June :)      New US built 7R and German built 6Rs coming from JD along with Lexion beating  flagship combine ::)  (heard that before)

Fendt releasing new 700 series with new flagship 724 :-*

Needless to say they all look great and no doubt Wiking will cherry pick their favourite (probably JD 6210R) and UH are likely to get a crack at first Fendt 700 but then again what do I know ;D    Im sure some of our model selling forum friends know exactly whats coming and from who ;)

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The 7R pictured above is the finished model and looks ace :-*  the 6R above is a prototype and looks iffy however I have seen a pic of the finished production machine and it looks much better ;)

The Fendt appears to have a choice of different roof tops one looks similar to current 700 and looks great the other has no roof top just like a Deutz Agrotron and looks cr*p  :(

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Looks just like a modified 8r series bonnet

I reckon that's what the cabs will be like as well, I've heard they've scrapped powerquad, kept autoquad and autopowr and bought in a new one which is supposed to be like the New Holland range command, i wonder if it's going to be like what they had on the old 8030 series where you have a stick which you push forwards or pull back to change gear

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I actually can't wait for these, i've left my email address and phone number with the local JD dealers and have asked them if they could contact me as soon as they get a demonstrator in  :P

I emailed my local JD dealers this morning and here is the reply I just got

They're not out until later in the year, the new 7r series is replacing waterloo 7730 7830 and 7930 the new 6r series will replace the 6030 series and 7430 and 7530, the number 6 and it will be followed by horsepower number, m for standard and r for premium, so s current 6830 premium will be called a 6140r and a standard will be 6140m

No mention of a demo yet :(

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