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Scratch build JCB Fastrac 2135/2150

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Been wanting to do this for ages, both britians (1135) anmd Siku (2150) aren't right, so I began getting bits and pieces together.  Im heavily modifying the britains chassis as the main frame, then using a mixture of other JCB bits and pieces and I'll make the bits I cant get donors for.

Pics to follow of current progress. ;)

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Talking of pictures. . . I was mean't to email you  :-[::)

I look forward to this . ... to tell you the truth Ian, if you said you were making a flower pot I'd be interested! Some people just 'know how to make stuff'  :)

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Not really the first picture I wanted to put on here, its moved on a bit since these were taken

its in the early stages of layout. Siku bonnet, Britians 718 Dump cab and Siku roof on a Britians 1135 chassis.  Only the top half of the chassis though, Im adding detail to it and also filling in the undercuts  ;) ;) ;)

Going for 4WS, just to be easy :)


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small update, started building up the brackets for the front suspension and streamlined the chassis.  Made some jewel headlights with frame around. :)

managed to find a 3rd angle drawing and scale it.



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Looking good! I once repainted a Siku JCB Fastrac into the Dutch LMF-colours, just for show use. Some other tyres to go with it, Henry Walker made me the new transfers.


It even has the (old) logo on the roof.


In the near future I will begin a new project with a Fastrac, a foresty model with crane.

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