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New Holland BB 9090

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I have this model now for a day in my possesion.

And i really get mad about the fact that UH does not make a moveable Pick-up.

Is this to difficult for them or what.

But after a little magic from my side; whallllaaa; a moveable pick-up.

Also conversed the hydraulic hoses and the PTO.

Here are the picture's...





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Hello CJ,

That one is on the conversion list also.

This pickup was really simple.

On the foto below you can see a screw and a little hole next to it.

This was the original attachment.

I rounded the top of so it can turn and drilled a new hole in the frame of the press.

Then i used the original screw to fix the pickup to the chassis.

I hope you understand....


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Ive got the MF and you cant do to it what youve done to the NH >:(

You cant access the screws on the MF like you can on the NH model which is a pain. I had to semi butcher the model to get them out and then it made no difference at all and just stuck in position at which point a gave up as I knew id probably end up ruining the baler.

I did however modify the pick up hitch on it which now sits higher and allows my big Siku JD 8Rs to pull it without the little guide wheels on the baler being a foot of the ground ;D

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I did this allready for a few customers with all the different balers.( NH-Fendt-Challenger and MF)

The conversion is the same for all balers so i think that you need to pick up your conversion as it possible to do!!! ;)

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