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Barry's John Deere 8*20

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I am (slowly) making a John Deere 8*20 (ive not decide what number yet, either a 8220 or 8520 (depend on what decals I can get made.

First picture show the 8220 that resides on the farm at the end of the trading estate that I work on.

Second is a 8320

:-*  :-*



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the ertl 8430 is that a precision one barry,looks it

Yep, it's one I aquired from TopTractor for about £15!!!!  It had a broken front axel, I nicked the inner rear wheel rims for the 8400 Euro spec conversion I did, leaving a 8430 with non dual wheels!

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The bonnet

1. pre casting

2. casted

3. Pre cast - casted - casted and painted

NB the painted one has a piece of brass which has now been removed, there is this in the other side, but not this side! (think it act like a hand grab when you lift the bonnet?)




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I want to use the rear tyres from the UH McCormick ZTX.

I have used them in the past with the inner rims from a Ertl Precision 8430 as the tyre fit perfect on these rims. (picture 1)

One problem....I have no more 8430 inner wheels, and I want the rim like the 8530!

Luckily, I have the outer rims from the 8430 (tyres fit perfectly) and the 8530 rims (tyres don't fit on as the rims are to big!)

Picture 2 shows the 8430 rim on the left and the 8530 on the right

Picture 3 shows the 8430 rim with the wheel weights removed




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So I then got both rims cast, and got the 8530 inner part cut out and set into the 8430 rim

Picture 1 - the 2 rims after casting

Picture 2 - the 8430 outer part to be kept and the 8530 inner part to be kept

Picture 3 - the 2 parts now joined together to make the correct size and style rear wheel i want




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I agree. Really interesting topic to follow as you are showing and explaining every stage of you build. Great help for an amateur like me  ;) Keep it up! 

You've done a great job so far too.  :)

I'm an amateur too!!!

I like to do it this way as it's good to share how to do some things, and sometimes someone will put you right, or in the right direction if your doing something wrong!!

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Still not sure the bonnet is "beefy" enough!??

Obvious things still to do,

Fix the roof down and fit mirrors

Front wheel hubs need fitting

Decide to have front weights or a front linkage

Find the diesel tank cap!

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