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Classic Tractor Magazine Index

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mrol & BC,

I regret there is currently no index available, but I agree that it would be an excellent resource. It would save me a lot of time for a start!

Our old website contained a back issues section where it was possible to browse the content of each issue, but I think the back issues on the new website only go back 2-3 years.

Returning to the index, problem is the more time goes by, the more of a job it becomes. Any volunteers???



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Well I have copies of all issues from number one Rory and would love to do something like that. The only stipulation would be CT would have to pay me more than what I can earn from my current day time job ;D ;D

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Perhaps 10 people who take a year each to give an index of last 10 years? We have 3 here already so just need another 7 volunteers...prob worth Rory defining the categories for the index up front to ensure they are all consistent. I'm happy to do any year - but I only have back issues for the last year!

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Cunning idea Simon...looks like you will be doing last year if your plan goes ahead.

I might be tempted to do year one on the basis the magazine was a lot smaller in it infancy :huh: ...mind you I could see my self getting waylaid and reading the old magazines again and reminiscing ;D ;D

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