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Bluegreens 2012 farm photos


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Seeing as I have a reputation of being a "whinging so and so" I thought it was time to try and give a little positivity back to my fellow FTF members in the form of my photography hobby :)

So I will kick off with some nice shots of Frederick Hiams new flagship tractor JD8360R ridging sand ;D





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My favourite one was the first picture of the Fendt 826 (4th pic along) as it was no more than a few feet away as I took it :of I had planed to get the full tractor in the shot but I was caught out by its awesome acceleration 0 - 44mph instantly 8) it was also my first chance to properly watch the big 800 in action and the driver was a nutter ;D but it really increased my admiration for Fendts design team.

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