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new massey 7600 series

Paul Palmer

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wont be long till the red uh model i guess, but how long till we see this version i wonder?? looks good actually with the black hubs too

been told the smaller 7600's will replace the full 6000 series in time, slim lining the ranges rather than all this overlapping between the higher 6's and lower 7's


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My local MF dealer has had a few new 7624 and22 versions in the yard and they do look good but bonnet looks a bit high on them just like JD 6R .

These new smaller 7600s however look just about perfect especially the 7616 & 7618 "exclusive" model in the picture which has the smart dual headlamp clusters on the roof like its bigger brothers 8) and the nicer flared rear fenders.

The bog standard "essential" only has singles :'(

Im really liking this new MF range and its the best looking since the early 3000/3600s for sure.

Lets hope UH bring out the 7618 or 16 exclusive as a pair of those on my Kane trailers to run alongside the new Big X 1100 would be the dream team for sure :-*



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I think the 7618 with 175hp at rated power and coupled up to the Dyna VT (Fendt vario) gearbox might prove an attractive option for those currently running the old Fendt 718s who want to keep with Agco dealers but dont see the point in forking out for a new shape Fendt 700.

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