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I'm sure I have / had a DVD,probably by Peter Simpson,that featured a Steiger hauling a huge American made seeder,can't remember who made it,but it also featured a Knudson 4400 hillside tractor,does anybody else have this DVD,might be on Video,i think I may have loaned it to someone and never got it back :- :-



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Ah so that's who the DVD I found kicking about belongs too ;D ;D ...seriously Joe not to me but I have viewed quite a few of your DVD's in the past 8)

I adopted a motto many many years ago...."never a lender or borrower be"...and why....well you sometimes don't get things back or if you do not in the same state as you lent them and two if you borrow something and you break it well you have to repair or pay for it.

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