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The Marshall Rally 4th & 5th August 2012


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Please come and support our event this year!

I know its the busiest month of the year, but we have managed to get the land that Marshalls used for there testing back in the day, and this was the only time we could get it.

We already have a lot of tractors registered, Field Marshalls, as well as Track Marshalls, And some steam engines including some steam ploughs.

We are still after some trade stands and more tractors to register.

Please contact me via here or my Facebook page http://www.facebook....arshallRegister for more info!

Many Thanks


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Sounds like a really good event Steve...sadly not for me since I have a local rally that Sunday. Looking forward to seeing pictures from it though :huh: There are a couple of collectors in my area with sizeable collections of Marshall's I must ask them if they plan attending.

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No Steve... I forgot about them but sure enough they must have a fair collection of Marshall's by now. The ones who have the largest collection of Marshall's probably in Scotland are father and son Jim and Gordon Riddell from Alford who are timber hauliers trading as J&G Riddell of Glenkinde. The other chap is Hugh Mckay from Ballater who has quite a number as well and they are looked after by an ex neighbour of mine Duncan Stewart who moved closer to the shed so he could work on the tractors. ;D ;D

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A couple, but we need anything Marshall (and anything Not to be fair!), could you email some details to me if your up for it?



PS i used to live near the old Scunthorpe Marshall factory!

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