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Massey Ferguson 6465 and Rousseau Mower

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I have made a few modifications to the 6465 Kommunal from Universal Hobbies over the last few weeks, finally trying to realise a few Ideas. I have spent quite a lot of time working in France and have photographed a few of these recently, whilst the UH 6480 Massey may not be very accurate, this one is pretty good for the purpose.

Adding this type of fitted mower was beneficial as it saved me the hassle of replacing the unrealistic UH linkage. I had to modify the fitting slightly from the Renault Ergos, but its mounted straight on to the existing linkage fittings. I modified the top link mount using an off cut from the Ergos mower mounts, and filed off the top hasp of the linkage so I could fit the PTO guard. A quick touch up with some Humbrol enamel was a perfect match to the chassis colour.

I have modified the Rousseau Minotaur from a UH Renault Ergos to replicate the real thing by adding an external mounted hydraulic pump, and a PMA PTO and shaft. I have added some extra control piping for the rams to bring a bit more detail, as well as a few no return and safety valve blocks. Finally, I have added a CAN BUS control umbilical.

Unfortunately, I don't have a shed so I will have to wait for some nicer weather to have a go at doing some weathering with the air brush!


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tidy work mate. how easy did you find fitting the ergos hitch to the mf then?

It was not that difficult to fit the Ergos hitch, I had to make some spacers about 8mm long from brass tube, and remove the mounting points from the Ergos mower. I drilled the mounting frame for the mower to take a machine screw and screwed it into the existing hitch fixings on the MF. The hardest part was creating a moveable top link mount.

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The Massey has joined my mowing fleet, in amongst my prized Kuhn Weathered Flails from Udimore/Fendthead.

I have been planning to something a bit different for a diorama display to show of this mowing gang, and hopefully I will have the space to set something up soon.



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