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Calling Lord Ferguson - odd 575 ?


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That's a French built export model Mark... for the German market only I believe. I think it was to comply with their road regulations mate.

Looks to be in good order as well.

It's a little known fact that all UK and French built 500 series models were supplied right from the start of production with a two door cab for some export markets such as Scandinavia. We only got it in 1979 when I suspect Massey Ferguson wanted to rationalise their production parts lists if the truth be told.

Some 500's also had an escape hatch roof where I believe the entire roof would come off in the event of the tractor falling through ice

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Thanks for the info Marky. I suppose it's been imported from mainland Europe then. How can you tell it's a Frenchie ?

Looks very tidy indeed as you say Tim, I always likes the look of 575/590's especially on "wide" 30" rears.

Go on Lord F get the cheque book out - you know you want to.....

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I'm pretty sure those wings were never fitted at Banner Lane Mark ... as for the cheque book... I've just been threatened with castration by the lovely Mrs F... I came home with a new quad bike the other week and I'd somehow 'forgotten' to mention that I'd taken the money from our joint buliding socitey account to pay for it :-[

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