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looking good to me have you seen the pics of my one at work the only thing every one missout and real gets me is there is a grill on the top of the bonnet before the marker o and the cab leans back a little futher

I'll have a look at those McMan

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might have to file the centre front out of the pan looking at pics,but it ain't far off from the overall pics mate

Mmmm.... That won't help, Plenty of room for moving the floorpan, its the cab thas causing the restrictions. :-\

"Plan C" tomorrow!

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I should be on commission giving away trade secrets ::) ::)::)

Take your front linkage off and put a spacer in then you'll get your bonnet foward more :o :o :o

How much did that tip cost me??  ::) ::)::) ::)

If its more than a quid I'm deleting your post!!  :D :D :D :D :D :D

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