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Open Farm Sunday 17th June 2012


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Quoted from the site,

"Open Farm Sunday is a fantastic opportunity for everyone, young and old, to meet the farmers who grow their food and care for the countryside"

You can type in your postcode and find the nearest farm to you, then pop along and have a snoop around :)

Website:- Open Farm Sunday

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I managed to get along to two today - one in Harlton, Cambridgeshire and one in Clavering, Essex. 1st place had a complete Case set up - two Pumas, a Magnum, a Quadtrac and a 9120 harvester. Very clean and tidy kit with a good range of Vaderstad and Cousins kit. They also did a harvester demonstration - driving it around a paddock harvesting the odd thistle. Really good event with some animals in he shed as well. Only thing I felt sorry for was the pig - that was about 10m from the hog roast! Seemed a bit unfair!

2nd place had some serious kit on show. Two Lexion 580+ TTs, two claas 85 challengers, a fendt 939 and two 7xx, John Deere 8320 and a brand new 6190 and an old MF 30xx. The neighbouring contract farm company also had their brand new New Holland T9.560. It made the Quadtrac (A 380 model) look small. It's just replaced a John Deere crawler - they were getting too many complaints on the mess on headlands and the purchase price is quite a bit lower. The new super single tyres also mean it puts the power down well apparently. They also were doing really good tractor/trailer rides around the farm.

All in all a truly excellent event - and all for free!

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I was a bit late due to a long pub lunch, but I nipped over to Abbey Home Farm and Calmsden Farm, both north of Cirencester on the Stow road. At Abbey they were still doing trailer rides as I arrived, but had otherwise packed up for the day. I got a couple of photos though, primarily Massey Ferguson but a few blues I spotted en route which I'll post up elsewhere.

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