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Castle Fraser Steam Fair 16 & 17 June 2012


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Today I had the day off to get some of the garden bedding plants and begonias etc planted out since it was a cool and cloudy day with rain to come...ideal planting conditions...anyway it got heavier just about lunchtime so I decided to do the weekly Costco shop go out past the folks at Kemnay and take them shopping and also down to see to uncle at Kintore...well my plans did not go to plan but hey ho what doesn't get done today will get done tomorrow ;D ;D

Not far from the Loch of Skene I came across tailbacks and then I saw in the distance black "reek" in the air. I was one of the patient ones who followed a road locomotive pulling a smaller one. Before I passed I would say they were doing about 11 to 12 mph. I then pulled into the laybay before Dunecht to get a photo and they pulled in as well 8)

It turned out it was Mike Dreelan from Blairs with his Norman E Box Ltd steam engine pulling a smaller Burrell engine called Cxck o' the North which Mike went from John O Groats to Land's end's a few years ago.


The second engine was pulled with a boxing pole and also had stabilisers...as I said to Mike it saved two people a driver and a steers man ;D ;D


Next to stop at the lay by for 8 burger rolls were the Barrack's from Kingswells with their Sentinel in the livery of "Glendronach" It was steered by Holly and driver was dad George and grandad and father to Holly and George followed up behind in his Range Rover. Bill said he clocked Holly and George doing 40 MPH... 8)


Holly goes to view Mike's engines


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Away I went and then had to stop of at the entrance to Dunecht House were I saw another of Mike's engine's on route to Kemnay with Colin Donald and Stevie (I forget your name) stopping for a "comfort break" ;D ;D

A Burrell Road Locomotive called "The President" and named Geo. Cauldell Gedney Lincs and reference to steam plough and hauling...another amazing restoration in Mike's collection of steam engines 8)




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Yes I hope it does Brian...the weather makes or breaks a show. I have decided to go to Castle Fraser later on today but I'll leave taking tractor until Sunday and see what the weather is like then.

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I attended the show from about 2pm yesterday but with it drizzling for most of the afternoon the public spectators were few and far between. Having said that there was plenty of interesting exhibit and folk to speak to. Anyway on with the photos in order taken. I'm not bothering adding any details but if anyone is interested in any particular exhibit ask away since they produce one of the best show catalogues around 8)

First stop the model tent...I mean we need to start advertising the 3rd Aberdeen Model show ;D ;D







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This is the largest Steam rally there is in Scotland Paul. There used to be a Steam in the Park at Balado where T in the park is held. That was cancelled for planning reasons or something and was due to be held at Perth airfield but that too has been cancelled for whatever reason. I do like the look and the smell of the steamers but I have no desire to own on...my little from circa 1972 will do for me ;D ;D ...just away to get the ham and eggs and then back for another day 8)

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Have a good day Bill, There you're right though there is something about the smell of a steamer, and the fact that most are never too far away from a cold pint of best bitter!! There gets a good turn out of steam over in Yorkshire and the late legend Fred Dibnah lived 45mins from us, a great bloke with a true passion for his hobby :)

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I had an excellent day Paul. Although still wet underfoot after the rain from yesterday afternoon and overnight it stayed dry until a little drizzle as the commercials were in the ring. I did not bother bringing a tractor so I got my pal Stuart's Leyland Comet artic to take round the ring and thankfully I did not stick like an old Atkinson and Albion did within the ring. Even Stuart stuck with his Scania 143 but that was outside the ring and he didn't need a tow to get out.

Yes Fred was a great character and my dad was the one who arranged to get Fred and engine up to Banchory rally for its 25th anniversary 15 years ago. It was lovely weather but I think Fred was the one who drew the crowds. When in Banchory Fred ending going along and being invited to 2 wedding receptions...one on the Friday night and one on the Saturday...I always think and remember Fred as not quite making "Three weddings and a funeral"

Bitter...do you mean heavy Paul...I must say Fred was looking a bit under the end of Sunday...it must have been the result of two many pints of McEwan's export and maybe too many "low flyers" aka The Famous Grouse Whisky as well ;D ;D

Wife to be number three was up with him as was two son's Jack and I cannot remember the younger one's name. When unloading young Jack actually had an oil can in his hand and was squirting oil on to Fred's cap....I think that cap was fairly watertight.

A few years ago young Jack was actually up at this show and helping on an engine. One chap who helps Mile Dreelan with his engines said he was just a young Fred.

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