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mf 3060 range


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hi all

just wondering if anyone can help,saw a mf 3060 today and saw something i havn't seen before in that the cab was one of the newer style 6290 types , couldn't get any pics as i didn't have my camera,just wondering has anyone else see or know of this type of cab on this range,i thought it had been stopped before the cab type cam out,


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e the 3060 series famous for the rusty doors, every 3060 series tractor I know has some rust on the bottom half of the door for some reason. Also if it is a 3060 series won't it have the datatronic or autotronic decals on it.

Not sure if that helps ha ha! but it's another post either way. ;D:D

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hi all,saw the tractor again today but couldn't get my camera as it was half a mile down the road in my van,but it's deffently a 3060 with the newer cab on it,spoke to the farmer/owner who said it was on there when he bought it,and it was only 3 years old when he got it,as far as he knows it hasn't been rolled or anything,although he was a bit slow,real broad acent for down here,i only just understood him ,like i said it is deffently the new cab like on the 6290 ect,bit of a mystery me thinks,any ideas ?

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