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Vp Farms one last look.


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Thought I would post this, its my most recent journal and my last for a while.  Everything is now packed up as I am moving to a new house at the beginning of June, and don't even know If I'll be able to set it all back up.  Enjoy.

Hinton Farms

We had disked up the field next to the shop back in January, so we just had UAP run over it with some Roundup.  Once all the grass was dead we just ran the cultivator over it.  It had to pass b/t the levees however because they were still a little steep.


Next the 9270 passed with the bedleveler and the 4755 with the planter with the soys.  We are running both the six row and the 30' drill this year again.



The 9220 with the cultivator moved on to the fields we've already disked up, while the stx went and started plowing the fields we hadn't touched yet.  The bedleveler soon followed with the two planters behind.




We are hoping to have a good bit in before the rain this weekend.

Mike Lafler Farms

Mike only has three fields of Soys to plant so he will be finished by this weekend if all goes well.  He's running the Versatile on the Wilrich cultivator, and the Magnum on the cultipacker and planter combo.  The cultivator runs around the field and the planter does the same instead of running back and forth.




John Lafler Farms

John did a test on his wheat and it tested perfect for cutting.  He got his 7720 combine and 1660 in the field as soon as he could get them started.  He's working fast because these fields need to hurry up and be planted with cotton.



He hired Solieau's hay service to bail the straw left behind so there is less trash to try and plow under.


His magnum starts running the disk while the 4440 is running a small chisel plow.  The 4755 finishes off with the hippers.  He's hoping to resume planting next week.



Thanks for looking.

Questions/Comments Welcome

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