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Ol's Latest Conversion......

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Very very nice Ol... Are Yams a big crop over there then mate  ???

Cheers  :-[

There was a guy up the road from me that was growing 20ac a year of yams and he had made good money from them but he gave them up because of the hassle with needing 8 part timers to sort and pack the crop.Was a full time job sorting out staff buy all acounts.

My boss has grown them in the past but did'nt feel they were worth the effort,the seed is hard to get,they need washing and the staff needed to pick out the bad ones out were a hassle if a link in the chain broke.This made spuds a beter deal because You just have to go in with a 2 row digger and a bulk trailer,once your done you leave the trailer on the road side for collection and then get on with other jobs such as lifting carrots.

Yams are much like growing garlic here,if you are set up for them eg:you have a washing plant then the crop is worth doing.

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Thank you guys,The tines are realy the only thing that lets the model down I feel.

Thats a tidy looking job Ol.  ;)

What do you have planned for the front tank you bought??

I'll use that on the front of an 818 and run a huge percision planter on the back for drilling onions.

Then use it on the same tractor with a spud planter.I would like to set the 818tms up with GPS and root crop wheels (a bit thicker than row crops)with the tank on the front all of the time. :)

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