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Carrot Planting Under-Way At Last......


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Here we have some short video clips of the action now......

First off the Fendt 716 Vario with Shape-Former......

Here's the Fendt 818 Vario with Netagco Reekie Reliance De-Stoner......

New Holland TM155 with Grimme Combi-Star CS1500 can be seen Here......

The John Deere 7920 with Jones Bed-Former can be seen in action Here......

The Case MXU135 with Planter can be seen at work Here......

I know they're not long but it gives the idea......Plus the fact it's hard juggling timing between photos and videos...... :D :D :D;)

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Some smart pics there Mart!

If i'm not mistaken that 79 was down our way bedtilling for Huntapac!


Thanks James......I was hoping someone might recognise it because that's proved my theory that they take it around the country on the low-loader...... :) :) :);)

Great pics Mart, that camera of yours is getting some work! ;D ;D ;D

Cheers Ben......Have to keep it working to justify the investment...... ;D:D;) ;)

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nice pics , don,t see none of that kind of that kit in this part of essex ,nice to see some differant kind of kit

Cheers mate...... :)

Yes, that's one of my favourite things about the Real Farming Section of FTF......Gives us the chance to see what goes on in different areas of the country and the world and what kit is used...... :) :) ;)

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Charming mart  :)

Every time I see your pictures I fall in love with root crops all over again. :-*

Thanks Ol...... :)

I was just mentioning these in my reply to your e-mail mate...... :D;)

That's what makes it even more worth while when it brings a smile to people's faces mate...... ;)

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it is, will have to keep an eye out for the harvest, when that normally

It can be quite varied depending on whether they put straw over them or not......If they're not covered I'd expect them to be lifted before the first harsh frosts but if they're covered up then it could be any time up until around about May time as I can think of one field here that's still covered...... :) :) :);)

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