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Whats "powertrac" mean on a CVX ???

Light Land

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While I was in Germany I spent abit of time driving a CVX1170 and on the cab it had a decal that read "powertrac limited additon" Any members know what that means? :-\

Is that much the same as  John Deere putting and "S" after the numbers to show that it is a full spec model?

I'm no lossing any sleep over not knowing but since I have a hour or two too myself I thought I'd ask and find out what the deal is with that.

Thanks for any info guys. :)

A few pictures of the offender.



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Deere S models are not full spec, the S was used to show it is a more powerful model than the non S model as a result of not having a number available to use. examples are 2040 70 hp, 2040S 75hp, 2140 82hp. on 6000 series tractors the S was used on tractors with powerboost, ie 6420S and 6920S (they also could not use another number as 6520 was already in use and there is not a whole number between 69 and 70 in the decimal counting system). The excetion to this rule, and there must always be an exception to every rule!!!!, was the 4040S and 4240S, both were more powerful than their non S brothers but they could have used 4140 and 4340 to identify them and did use this logic for the 4350!

I have no idea about the powertrac cases! rant over :):)

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Himm Interesting,cheers guys.

What would you give one out of ten Tris? For me it's a 6/10

I'd go higher Ol, have to be nearer an 8 for me. What I think lets it down is a funny layout for all the buttons and switches in a small cab with a narrow front view. Grunt and performance wise though, very very good. Maintenance, very easy and simple.

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