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Silage 2007 - Ireland


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I decided to take a spin today and lo and behold, there was a convoy of Murphy Bros. tractors lining up in a field beside the main road.


(There's 18 pictures in this, so if you are on dial-up ...........)

First up is the Fendt 926 reverse drive with Claas 3 gang.




John Q 6820 and Claas Rake



The Fleet! NH TS115, Case MXU135 Pro, Fendt 818, 6820, 2x6920S, 6930 and 7530




... and from behind.


I'm sure this little baby will go down well with some of you.




For those with a more discerning taste.




Back at the pit.




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Here are resized pics of the 7530. This is an animal of a tractor. When I saw the Siku model I thought they had screwed up the proportions, but it really is a 6620 on steroids with a Tristopher sized cab.



Here is a picture of Hanley's Jag 8550 mower. They were baling silage with a big McHale outfit at the site of the new Racecourse today (they had some big red thing - what are they called again? - driving the baler, but it was too far from the road). I think I know where the 8550 was heading so I might be able to get some pics of their full outfit tomorrow.


Mulhearne's yard was full of TMs and Thorpe trailers. No sign of the Big M or the rakes. I'll have a look for them tomorrow.

I love this time of year!  :D

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Ye are a bit behind there Stan - the Ramsgrange lads are out since last week and the 7810 Silver Jubilee is going like a devil..... ;D

Yep the 900 is some machine Martin Kehoe has one too and only uses four trailers but I never yet seen them able to keep up  :D , some early Dooley trailers there too with the ram on the front ;)

Can't resist but one of the earlier pics is best with the Fendt's bonnet up...... ;D ;D

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missed all these posts, prob cos i was flat out at silage myself when they were posted, damn i miss the summer now  :'(

Yeah my thoughts exactlynoon this after when I was plodding about in Slurry in a Cattle yard when I looked up and noticed the baler. :( :'( :'(

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