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Big Old American Iron... look at this brute the MF 97

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Thanks David... this one was also offered as a 4wd as well... was the 95 the same  ???

              The MF 97 was based on the Minneapolis Moline G-706 and was availible in two and four wheel drive. The slightly smaller MF 95 was based on the Minneapoli Moline G-VI, but I think was only two wheel drive, { I've never seen a four wheel drive one } , although MM did offer the G-VI in four wheel drive.

              Some people think MM made a big mistake in allowing MF to market these tractors , as MM were the only company at that time producing a large tractor with FWA, and the MF deal was made on such favorable terms that MF dealers could sell the tractors for less than MM dealers were able to.   

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