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some pic i have found


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i been digging through the photo albms and found some good pic

our first Potato Harvester a Amac D2 back in 1996

thats me the one in red the middle i was 9 then


ok who tipped the bin over



the white case is my uncles and the 1394 we just bought a week befor this pic was taken

dont know what year that was


this is our third harvester a Grimme DL 1700 just bought home from being unloaded off of the truck August 23 1999



my dad working in feb 16 1986


on holidays we went to a place called header world all combine harvester grave yard or part yard as you would say


now the best hay crop we have ever cut i wasnt around to see it because i was only 1 year old

tractor is an International 766 and New Holland mower thats my older brother standing in the crop he was 16 at the time



some more pic of the 766


pic of my pop standing on the harvester


hope u like i will be posting more soon so keep ur eyes open it



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Very nice selection of pictures mate......Nice to see another Versatile Bi-Directional......Thanks for posting them...... :) :) :);)

Thought you'd like that  ;):)

I personally like the Volvo N series  :)

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What is the silver coloured tractor with the yellow cultivator on the back, think it has 1770 on the door?

A Belarus Tris, hence why Chris has got excited :D :D :D :D

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cool pics

i like the lok of that belarus i have seen a red and white one around here somewhere cant remember where now though

i know where there is a brandnew belarus combine been in the same place ever since i have been over here

maybe you have seen it Tris?

Just north of Hays ks at a dealers right on the side of the hiway


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