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pig unit


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Damn it TM you do some wicked projects.  Drool  drool drool  :P  (I can something similar in design for holding ewes & lambs.

Are the blocks cast by you? or did you buy ready cast? If so probably would be expensive to post them over the pond. Would love to have a stab at making something like that....right up my street. :)

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very easy to use,it's cheaper,?1 abag,if you buy direct of him,always responded to my e-mails pretty quick,just fits together like lego almost,just bond with pva glue and done,the trusses are out of balsa wood,just drew out the front wall at? half scale and cut the angles of of the template,now you know what the corrugated plastic is for

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was he, :o :o didn't think it was that good as it was my first attempt some of the walls ain't exactly straight(up right) but i suppose it adds to the character of it,not many old buildings on farms are perfect now.was going to try the long machinery shed when i get a chance,like the one he has on eBay.,oh well,see how well the granary goes when i build it,should be able to calculate how many bags i need for it now

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so would you sell them then???...there is a market...me!!!? ;D ;D

no mate not selling as of present,thats why it's on a 9mm mdf base,going to make them all link up to for a changable farm,with a centre base plate for the court yard,might do in the future when i have finished mine but deffenatlly not before

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Got this reply from Peter

Hi Scott.

Thanks for your email.

Whilst the price of each standard Scaloox set is, I believe, good value for money considering what can be achieved with it, unfortunately it travels expensively. The cost of forwarding one set (?6.50) to Canada would be a staggering ?25.50 due to the weight.

This is why I am only marketing it within the UK, where the cost of inland postage is just ?4.50, and acceptable.

However, out of interest, postage on two sets would be ?33.50, and three sets ?37.25.



Looks like I'll have to give it a miss for now  :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'(

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