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My Carrot Covering Preparation.


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Here's a pic of my carrot field (aka the conservatory rug  ;D) with the bales all piled up and ready to be chopped. There's a right mixture here:- Siku Bales, Siku Silage Blocks, Britains Bales, Playmobil Bales  ;).

      I forgot to take some pics when carting them but will post some pics when spreading. I am stuck using the Samson dung spreader as no-one has dared to make a Richard Larrington bale cutter yet  :'( ;), but it looks good and does the job, and that, of course is the main thing.  :)



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he will be a lot quicker,my pint turned up today,a day ahead of what nh2 said,must be the stig driving

Glad it arrived TM810. Was it still cold?  :D;)

Oh yes i for got to order mine :( is the bar still open ? :-\

The bar is still open I suppose as once he comes back I will be sending him down again for some more house raids for older Britains models  :D;D, so put in your order now for Sunday afternoon.  :D :D ;)

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