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as it says on the tin

helping a friend out for a few hours today

nice to hear and feel "the roar of dust and diesil" ;):D;D

case MX 135 on the tarrup direct chopper

thwo IHs carting a 885 xland 1055 xl

and a mccormik on the pit


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nothing a steam clean & a polish wouldn't sort out nigel  :)

hes one of those dairy farmers who dont "waist time " on cosmetic things like

cleaning them down exept for the new Mc'baby he realy likes her

the 1055 replaced a comfort cabbed 955 3 years ago

the 885 replaced a DB 169o 2wd around the same time

the Mccormick CX110 extra shift replced a 4240

and their 454 is seized still i posted that one up last year i think

and a rubixcube ford 6610 which no one ever uses :D;D ;D ;D(sorry udimore)

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hang on a minute, a 1694 was replaced by an 885 ? next time you see mr farmer kick his shins , the mans gone quite mad  :-\

I deserve a numpty it was a DB 1690 and he only had her for 3 years

he got pxxxd off with the hydro shift she was second hand so who do you blame?? the owner before or the owner after  :'( :'(

probebly a bit of both  :-\ also his brother has a 1494 4wd CASEIH on a CASE loader and thats a compleatly diferent tractor to drive (lovely infact)to his old 1690

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ah a stretched cable on the 1690 then thats usually the problem , till the engine & gearbox warms up, the cable won't pull properly on the shift control.  knew of a 14 like that , spend 3 parts of an hour going super slow on the road , then just as you get into the field all gears decide to work & you go tearing off into the distance at light speed only to be told by the boss to slow down a bit  :-\

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the 885 xl i drove today had the same problem

he made his own solid TA up no problems after that  ;)

i had a standard gear box 1394 some reason i prefer them

I suppose hydro-shift had its stregths as allot of people praise

them as many that curse them  ::)

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