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Newray Scania conversion & Combine trailer


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top marks to you, must have alot of time to make excelent things like that. it looks very much the same as the trailer i have but it only has a yellow scania on the front, blue one away getting a second axle fitted! rumour has it you have arond 17 different lorry combinations you have made, sure you would like the merc waggon and drag i have moddiffied.

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Sparrow Legs won't show you his trailor as it is one that I made only difference been his is a tri axle. Seem to run out of time at this time of year but your modified Merc has been done. You are not quite correct with 17 mods as there are 18 varying from Combine trailers to 45" flats, tippers, plant trailers and wagon and drags in different guises(beaver tails & Livestock boxes.

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4c, just thought i would let u know that merc looks the dogs doodlers on the combine trailer, put 6920s with row crops and hardi comando on it. do u want anymore yellow scanias or a red magnum as i have more than i need, scanias have 35ft twin axle flats on them, let u ave um cheep!

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