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Here is some pictures top start the topic

Mike R

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I took these on a farm where i go weekly in Whitstable kent and this farm is what i have based my layout on

first pic of a large grain storage unit which was one of the first built in our area to empty the corn trailers quicker via a ground to bin elevation system


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This farm as about 400 acres which is all let now to another farmer locally. the milking parlour and other farm buildings have been turned into stables and a trailer park for caravans it also has a shooting and fishery area.

My Brother used to work here in the 1960s where he was head cowman

it has a large garden so Ihave the job of maintaining it now so I get to take a few pics when I am there on my Mobile phone hope you all like the pics Mike


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The traditional barn = off the ground

These were popular in Wiltshire, and many counties as barns or granaries.

The stones were called saddle stones - served two purposes - kept the barn and its content dry from ground damp, and were a deterrent for rats.

Unfortunately in the 70's many were torched and bulldozed - I can remember at least half a dozen sites now replaced by naff 70's housing.

The saddle stones fetch good money as garden ornaments, ?100 plus per.

Sad as looked after they would make good homes.

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Damn shame that the majority of there traditional type of farm buildings are no longer in existence. As said, bulldozed to make way for newer buildings as their function became obsolete in the advance of farm progress. The irony of it now is that as farming has declined and herritage funding and grants have become available we are now being paid to reinstate, rebuild and restore these older buildings but this is difficult as their component parts have either been re-used in other buildings over the years or the cut and shaped stones such as the staddle stones or mushrooms as some call them have been sold off in farm sales to adorn gardens. Here where I live in the Dartmoor area, fortunately there are still a healthy percentage of these buildings still in existence and with grant funding a lot have been restored. The farm opposite me is listed in the Doomsday book and all the traditional granite buildings are mostly in-tact, although slightly altered over the years and the present owner last year finished restoring one of the barns by removing the tin roof and put it back to thatch, it cost ?200,000 to do on an 80% grant but had to pay out the full amount before being able to receive the grant. The National Park will pay ?100 to replace granite gateposts, again torn out and gateways widened for the access of machinery over the years as it has got bigger. Fortunately again, we still have most of our granite gateposts, they have been moved in the widening of gates but have always been put back again, just further apart. The gateways here were always traditionaly 6 feet wide, some still are. I will take a couple of pics of the barn and post it up here later.

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An elder cousin of mine still has one of these type buildings that Tellarian mentioned. it was the old cow shippen below and the tallet above being open fronted with timber posts at intervals appart to support the roof, at the back of the tallet there are a series of trap openings, one for every stall below where the hay would be shoved down into the mangers infront of the cows, was still used up to a few years ago. when I'm down there again I'll take som pics of it, built of stone and cob.

Meantime, here are pics of the barns opposite me that I mentioned in my last post.

First is the unrestored one. Restoration is in the pipeline but if not done reasonably soon it's in danger of falling down.


This is the other barn that has been restored. Should be good now for another 1,000 odd years. Thatch should do 20 to 25 years, it's wheat reed, had to be that for the grant.


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That workshop shed Mike is c0co on mate, couldn't have got mine closer if I tried... Excellent!!!

I hope to get a Tythe barn at least started before Toytrac. :)

Tris same thoughts as I ,Thats tris,s workshop were my first thought,s when I saw it and the Silo,s are not so differant than those on Fen End Farm
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I am glad Andy went with my idea on this topic there is some very intersting buildings out there, I noticed Tris you made that workshop and was amazed how alike that was to the real thing I saw at Whitstable farm

lets hope we get some more postings on this subject get you camera out and keep posting them

thanks Mike

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