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Jezz I have not seen one of these turners for ages now. They were popular in the 70's but they also had a bad habit of throwing stones they encountered into the air. Recall a story about a chap on an MF 165 who lost his windscreen while baling hay behind a Fanted one day. Gave him the fright of his life when glass broke.

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Memories.............Ford Force 3000 (New). :P.......turning with an Acrobat..............tedding/rowing up with a Lely Cock Pheasant, traded in for a fan ted.  Did a good job too, fortunately very few stones on 'our' farm. Traded that in for a Haybob ::)

      Sorry, I'm being old again ::)

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We had a new one from Barnes' of Bodle Street to replace a Vicon Speeder tedder (similar, but unshrouded tedder that only kicked backwards & had steel coil tines that broke easily on the ridge & furrow meadows of the farm we bought in the late 60's, so we must have had it about 8 yrs before replacing it with the PZ Haybob in '77. The Vicon Fan-Ted lifted the crop up & over with "Airflow Action" and the tines were on a rubberised canvas mount that pretty-well eliminated any breakages and hence baler damage. We always harrowed & rolled our hayfields in the spring so never had any stone damage.

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