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Today I had a thought about how expensive the plastic wall cladding was getting whilst covering my sheds (I'm still doing a bit evrery now and then)

I had 1 piece of cladding left and didn't want to spend another god knows how more 6 quid per sheet to complete the project

So I sent mrs smurf off to staples armed with the last bit of cladding to see if they would be able to photo copy it for me and the end result is brilliant exept that you don't get the texture. It looks just the same and all for 29p per A4 sheet.

I have tried scanning it in the past but it took too much ink to reproduce due to it all being red.

Shall probably be bending some sort of copyright but at 29p I shall take my chances ;)

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That looks very fine! .......damn good brickie's!  ;)

Mebbe some weathering?

Might be a bit difficult to weather it As it is photocopied paper and colouring in individual bricks with a pencil would take an eternity ;)

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>>I'm not criticising but they do look like the bricks are placed ontop of each other with no cement.<<

That is 'cos, the joints are raked out, meaning the actual mortar is some 3/8ths recessed behind the brick face

Normally used on "posh" buildings/offices etc

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>>With your picture see if you can make a wall the size of an A4 sheet of paper <<

I'm sure you can do it!...............that pix is 300 pixel wide, A4 in landscape is approx 1104p wide by 748p high.........just make a new blank image that size, copy the pix, and paste it a few times, to fill up your blank image

Me, i'm of to supper!

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I've tried it in the past and it comes out looking like a repetitive block of squares

and the origonal picture needs to be exactly level or else you can't get the brick courses to align

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no i just drew out some black lines and painted inside grey but i didnt take any measurements just printed it out  ::):)

Give the picture i did a try and see what you think

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I was looking through a catalogue yesterday from a place called Hawkins Bazaar.

They have sets of real ceramic bricks and mortar that you mix to build buildings and walls etc. I dont know how big they are but they maybe of use to someone here to try. The link is:


Hope it works.

Jez  ;D

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