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cladding in plastic is expensive mate, try finding a nice sheet of corriguated card like small class uses or tris to that point

as for i/h beams depends on what you think looks right for the scale of the building, and how much will be showing on it i guess

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Have search through  Down at smurfs    Some of it may help you

FB has done some as well as deerest amongst many

What sort of building do you want to create

And may i sugest a jig for making up the frame work as it makes things a lot easier to get exact copies of each frame.

Secure the shed into some mdf to stop the flexing when you are building it

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I tried measuring up a real barn and converting the sizes back to 32 scale and looking for the nearest plastruct size....to be honest its sometimes easier to go by instinct/judgement/what looks good!

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