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ford 5000


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Well i drove round this yard and it was in front of me . Thought for a second and out the cab like a demented looney camara in hand hope you like ?


did like the front tyres  ;D


dident think she looked too bad for the age


like the wieghts on the wieght


she still does a bit now and then


last two    for now ?



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That's just waiting to be restored, complete with loader. What a lovely combination. It would be nice to see it and the loader kept together.  ;)  Sadly most people would buy it to restore and take the loader off.  :(  One of Sussex Tractors customers had an identical setup on a 7000.........drool....drool.  :P:-*  Only ever used as a loader tractor and had very few hours on it. It was one of the ex Birdseye fleet tractors. We used to sell about ten 7000's to Birdseye to mount pea viners on them. When they had finished with them a few months later; we used to buy them back and sell them with a few hundred hours on the clock. There was always a big demand for them  ;)

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Cathy's uncle, Geoff Dann, had an ex Birds Eye 7600 Q cab, that he later put a Schindler 4wd axle on, both from ST from memory.

The one I mentioned was John Mossop's at Rathfinney Farm Alfriston. I remember Geoff. Bit of a rascal at times but a very likeable person. Used to rear some very tasty turkeys too. :D;)

    Schindler axles were a very nice looking conversion. Quite compact with loads of ground clearance. ::);)

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Having looked at the Roadless 98 and tried a SAME CENTURION for several days we too had a Schindler PLK axle fitted to our pre-Q cab 7600 having seen what a strong,tight-turning unit it was. Phil Howell & another (possibly Clive) fitted it at Uckfield and a year late we put the 7610 engine in her and tweaked the pump, what a great tractor that was, earned respect wherever we took her contracting. I used to be able to get into clamps and turn right round where the 2140 Deeres couldn't.

  ' Been trying for 1/2 hr to try and get some photos posted at long last but can't get  into Photobucket as I can't remember my details and trying to open a fresh account with my only e-mail address won't work...so I'm stuffed... AGAIN  >:(

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