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What a Beauty!


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I knew you like  Deeres really Mandy ;)

Unfortunately this tractor isn't local any more so I cant give you any other pics :'(

Shame on you Mark... trying to lead a Massey Lady astray  >:(

Don't look Mandy... the pics will hurt your eyes after a while....

They do look nice though I must admit  :-[ - proper BEASTS  :P - so what year are they from please  ???

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::) I reckon you fergie lovers must be short sighted, they are in fact the same tractor :D

Marky, do you often gaze at Deeres lovingly for long periods of time then ;D

I think she was an E reg  87ish.

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thats a good looking tractor & in great condition as well , i used to drive a 4055 on a G plate , & i know where it was sold to as well , bit of a shock to so my old drive sitting in the shed , the 4055 was 130hp aprox so what does she push out ?, there were only about four inported to the uk , & one of those got stolen !

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The 4350 was 140 hp according to a book I've got MJB.  I'll ask the ex owner where she went when I see him next - I've got a feeling shes now in Ireland but I might be wrong. Wish it was in my shed instead :D

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