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Painc colour for a Britains Muledozer



Has anyone repainted or touched up a Britain's muledozer in orange / brown shade of colour and the same colour as used on the pole etc of the earliest Britain's forage harvester. I'm attempting to repair one at present with a broken lug and will need to touch up the paint assuming my repair is successful.

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Rover Vermilion Red is about the closest that I have found. Remember though that the majority of Britain's implements were a dull finish and not shiny, more of a matt finish. Hope that is helpful.

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Rover Vermilion Red is about the closest that I have found. Remember though that the majority of Britain's implements were a dull finish and not shiny, more of a matt finish. Hope that is helpful.

Many thanks for the advice powerrabbit.. I will have a look the next time i'm in a car accessory shop.

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Well this will be my 7,000 th post since joining the forum on the 7th November 2006. So as I saw this coming up what should that post contain and I thought well it had to be something on my childhood Britain's.

I had a muledozer but there was one lug broken off and I remember asking on here the best way to repair it. It so long ago I can't remember who all came back but one was Toolbox Tam aka Iain who I actually showed the muledozer to at Kittochside in 2007. I took Iain's advice drilled a small hole in the side and stuck a wire in with Araldite and then built up and shaped with same. By that time I had won an unboxed one on EBay so I could not really get the dimensions wrong.

Instead of looking for the paint that powerrabbit ( Tim ) recommended I mixed up varying Humbrol enamels and touched up with that. Personally I think I have made a mess of the painting and shade so I'm now considering if I should rub down with fine wet and dry, prime with red oxide spray and then spray paint with the colour Tim recommends. The alternative would be to give it the weathered and used look since both my Ford 7000 and MF 135 have been used and abused.

Any thoughts or comments would be appreciated.



The other method I considered was casting a lug with David's resin from a mould made of Bluetack or the similar stuff florist use for stickking candles etc. I tried that but did not fettle and shape since even if stuck on i thought it would not be strong enough.


Now today almost 2 and a 1/2 years on I finally put the levers back on


I have now put the unboxed EBay one I bought into my original strawbox which cost 23 pence


The one I bought on Ebay was unboxed but had this card with and earlier Fordson Major so I assume it was maybe a packing case box it had come out in ???


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Having assembled the mule dozer again well it was time to try it out.

First out with my Ford 5000 in slider box from circa 1969 or 1970


Now one with the dozer and driver with left hand leg amputated below the knee


And well I had to look out my MF 135 from circa 1971 as well complete with cab and adaptor for the dozer


And now on with the dozer and driver but no room for cab


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Will, I believe that the card information has been cut from the back of Presentation Box set 9597 as I purchased a NP super major complete with implements as supplied in this set and with it came the info card, as per yours, for each implement. Like yours they were all cut out separately and also came with a "header" card, if this makes sense!

I'll try and dig them out and post a photo....................memory willing  ::)

Is that an SOS 5000, for your driver with one leg?

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Picture of gift set taken from 1964 trade catalogue, "Fordson Super Major" and "Farm Tractor" are in identical script which leads me to conclude that these are cut from the back of said box. Also the cards shown match up with the contents of this set. If some one can prove me right or wrong then I welcome them to do so  :)


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Yes, the 135 cab was only glazed in the windscreen but I believe the last issue was unglazed although the little 'trough' at the bottom and little 'lugs' each side at the top were still there so it is quite easy to fit a windscreen by cutting out to shape a thickish sheet of perspex/clear plastic, the sort you get on display window packaging, and fit a windscreen, I've made several and is easy if you have an original for a pattern. I don't think the muledozer or front linkage (Buckrake) attachment will fit with the cab as the 'handle' won't raise back with the cab on.

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