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Silaging in Cheddington, Buckinghamshire.


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Well I finally got it underway today as there's a gap in the rain until Monday, so I went and got 20 acres of the 95 knocked over today, but didn't want to do anymore as I knew it would be too longer day rowing-up and baling tommorow. Most annoyingly now is that they're are not giving rain until Wednesday now which is good, just I wish I knew that when I was trying to get a wrapper in, but it was a gamble. A contractor is coming tommorow evening to do the wrapping, so I'll have to make an early start tommorow. Here are some pictures so far........... :)

The 5130 and Krone Mower.......... ;)





That's it for now, more to follow tommorow. Any questions please ask. :)

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got your tractor licence then  ;):D any probs with your mower as ive herd mixed thougths about krone ones  :-\

No not yet unfortunatly, booked it 5 weeks ago now, so the beginning of June and have been given a slot on the 6th August!!! Such a joke, so I've just gone with out it the last month or so, but only down here which is about 1/4 mile from the yard, but have kept my provisional in the cab in-case, but probably wouldn't help, but I don't really have any choice. :( The Krone is a god mower as it is just so simple compared to our old Vicon mo-co which was always in bits. ;)

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Well I got it cleared up today, as I got going with the tedder by 8, finnished by 11.30 and all went very well, so went and had a proper breakfast in the way of homemade sausage sandwichs! :-* Let it wilt a little more whilst getting the baler hooked on and got back to the field by 1 this afternoon. However didn't get on aswell as most baling problems when baling grass that could have happened did........blocking, not stringing, not cutting, string getting caught around the roller, fuse blow in the tractor for the baler signal box and broken bales. But all problem's I got around quickly enough and got it rolled up my 6. Wrapper pulled in about 7 but is just starting to spot with rain now, so I'll go down and hope he got film on all of them. Didn't get too many action shots of the baler unfortunatly as I was just trying to keep going when I could, but here are a few............. ;)

Any questions please feel free to ask. :)

It's an offset Fransguard RV 3.90 Tedder. Firstly in Transport position, taken at about 7.45 this morning.........



Next in working position.........


And going, (basically puts 1 and 1/2 swaths into one row and fluffing it up).



A pair of Buzzard's circling overhead, which were very hard to photogragh I must add, but not that rare in our area, hence 'Leighton Buzzard' being our local town). ;)


Next up is the Krone KV130 Baler getting set to go.......


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Some more excellent pictures Will, love the little Krone baler? Any good? Still jealous Mr.!!!

Cheers Nick, well you say little but that can keep up with new round balers, just works on a different principal as newer and bigger belted round balers, (like the Uh ones). So is a lot more compact machine, but still has the same end result. Is a good baler and we've had it since new when we used to do ontract baling all summer. ;)

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we baled our 16 acres today and we had problems with our baler ,the bales wouldnt come out  :-\ and i had the db1390 and the wrapper kept coming off the hitch  ::) so i had the tl90 on it then ,16acres and we had 270 odd on there im not sure how much they had off it last year   :-\ is that alot  :-\

270 round bales off 16 acres? ::) Sure they were round and it was 16 acres? :-\

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yep they were round and i was wrapping them  :);) and it is 15.95 acres to be exact just looked at our field map  ;D

Just seems a lot for the acreage as that's nearly 17 bales to an acre which is just amazing, but you'd be right. ;) First or second cut? :-\

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very late first  :) and its quite a wet field but today it was almost dry ,1 or 2 patches thats it  :-\ ill get a pic for you tomorow but the pic will have three trailer loads missing  :-[  1 trailer =18 bales  :)

you had quite a few then  :)

270 though?.......wouldn't want to be wrapping as you'd barely be able to move in 16 acres. :-\

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wasnt to bad but i was a bit behind so a lot of waiting as the bales were quite close

i just been out and took a pic of the clock ill post it up now  :)

I believe you, just am shocked at those figures. I remember going with my Dad to do some baling on an air strip when I was a lad and we were chucking out bails every 10 metres no jokes! Slow old baling! :)

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