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1390 dimentions

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Remember in 82 the black peice of the rear of mudgards ?was removed so that a 1peice mudgard was fitted & was all white , the headlights were also moved from the bottom of the grill to the middle black name band , the marker lights were also changed from being on stalks to being mounted by the grab rail on the cab



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The 13 is a good little lugging tractor

the 14 was average & the hyda-shift cable was prone to stretching which then made it unpredictable

the 1st 16s were a tad under powered

the 94s were an improvement & if i was to buy another now it would be a 1696 (white)

although the red ones are quite rare as only 331 were produced

if you ever see a red 1694 CASE-IH ?comemerotive edition for sale for gods sake buy it nomatter what it cost as it was the only 1694 badged as a C-E

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Hope these help for your model of a 1390 .

A brief history of TWY173W ,1390 tractor .

Bought new from GIBB BROS crewkerne Somerset by Dillington Park Farm (dillington estate)1000 acres of dairy & arable was the first of three bought. It had 1 driver during it`s residence there ,it`s main tasks were fertilising,spraying, although pulled trailers & dung spreaders when required. Was replaced in early 1990s with an MB trac1000. Next & present owner is a dairy farmer,it`s tasks include slurry tanker ,trailer work.top work & some foraging when their 120 hp massey breaks down  & it`s a sight worth seeing (lots of smoke & noise as the baffles in the exhaust have disintergrated).Looks battle scarred but is regularly serviced & starts 1st time every time & pulls like a train.



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don`t worry about the 14s just keep an eye out for that red 1694 comemerative edition ! :)

oops forgot one

defiatly do a 1390 and hey ive even got the decals now cheers

& the reg number  ,my mate would be dead chuffed with that as he would really like to see it finished ! :) :)


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i got them all now ?saved i will even save them to disc (you never know )

i ?drove a red 1394 4 4 yrs b4 i got a brand new 2850 the red 1394 was a reliable little tractor i drove it with a allman sprayer PZ zwegger simi retired to topper ,welger bailer,kidd rotory much speader ild guess at 200 like howard ,amazon fert spreader parmiter posthole knocker ransomes 3 furrow reversable simi digger plough very good little pocket rocket ?ransomes 1 leg mole plough

we also had a 1494 case Breg ok kinda tractor ?

cheers mate

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