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Some pictures from the past


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Hi All,

Just been trawling through old files and folders on the PC and came across these old photos of some of the stuff I used to have in my collection...Most of these have gone now  :'( but I still have one or two bits.  In a very makeshift display, just a few Britains barns shoved together, in the rather chaotic mess that is my bedroom!

First, a few pics of the New Holland 8070 and Laverda M306 'at work'



Holmer Terra Dos with repainted wheels:


And a few other general views:






I will probably make a start on a proper farm display sometime soon, need to rebuild my display though, so it won't happen overnight.  Anyway hope you enjoy these pics and perhaps a laugh or two at the very basic-ness of them!



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The laverda combine looks smart :)

And is one model I actually still have - and having discovered how to detach the header (brute force  :D) I will be attempting a little detailing etc on it to try and improve it a bit.  Lexion 600 is a very good model, but far too big for what I have planned  ;)

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It was a good display you had there mate......Nothing wrong with being basic mate......I'm exactly the same......Carpet farming all the way......

Cheers for that Mart, it would have to be a carpet farm in the future but I'd need to clear a lot of c**p out of my room beforehand!  Need some boards for bases - can't very well paint the carpet! :D

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I can see the two pins that hold it on - can't lay my hands on a flat screwdriver but tried with a scissor blade and it wouldn't shift - mind you I wasn't using too much force, I have this feeling something will probably snap knowing my luck!

trust me. Its a fragile model but you have to be brutal to get it off. I had to pull as hard as i could to the massey one I did off  ;)

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