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Case Model Roundup (Magnum, Puma, Maxxum)


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There are so many different Case models doing the rounds at the moment that my head is spinning  ???

If ppl would care to post to this thread any and all variations they come across, preferably with the SKU numbers, we can keep a record for posterity.

Magnum Series:


Magnum 245 : SKU 14532 :

Magnum 275 with disc harrow : SKU 14513 :

MX305 Duals : SKU 14571 :

MX305 : SKU 14447 : 

MX310 : SKU 42113 :


Puma Series


Puma 180 Farm Show edition : SKU 14610A :

Puma 195 : SKU 14531 :

Puma 210 : SKU 42303 :

Puma 210 Dealer Launch Edition (Duals) : SKU 14534A :


Maxxum Series


MXU 125: SKU 40784 :

MXU 135 with cultivator: SKU 14475 :

Maxxum 140 : SKU 14596 :


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MFD is for Mechiancal Front Drive  assist, now I am not sure if this is different then 4 wheel drive...I am going to ask Nick from the mid west who understands farming in both the UK and USA.....so will get back on that....Steve may know too

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Here is how Steve explains it

  Re: (No subject)

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You say tomato, we say tomato....

in the good ole USA 4wd Means any Articulated 4wd, eg Steigers, STX's, Versatile Buhler etc etc.

FWA  = Front Wheel Assist which was the first 2wds with a driven front axle.

This was typically a hydraulic system such as the deere 4020  and the first 3000 series.

As it was very soon replaced by a full driven axle it became MFWD or MFD (Mechanical Front Wheel Drive)

Here in England / Euro land MFD is and 2wd  tractor that has a driven front axle, but 4wd is also seen as any 4wd tractor including those that were 2wd machines with a driven front axle.  however they tend to use 4wd for the big artics but not exclusively.....  A nation divided by language.

from the ground up, most euroe tractors are designed to have all wheels driven from 60hp up - when you look at the latest Fendt (360hp & 400 to come) it shows how far engineering has come and also how the likes of Case better wake up, likewise the Terra Variant etc.

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