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Tractor games

Johny mf

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Tomorow i go whit my uncle's MF6270 (see photo) to the tractor games in the vilage where i live

It is a competition of the best driver of the vilage!

I go for last price (i think)

Maybe if you guy's are interested i can make some pics of the competitin ???


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well guy's i had one problem :-[ the batery's of my camera where emty :-[:-[ :-\

But my score was also not good :'( not last but 1place higher :-[:-\ :'( )

But the thing is i ended up before my best friend ;D

Maybe next year i take some photo's

I will explain what whe had to do (trying it)

First thing i had to do was puting up a machine in the 3point hitch and that was an arm whit a rope

Whit that machine you must pic up bals from pipes and trow them in a bigger pipe (was very dificult to do only got one ball in and one next the pipe)

2nd that was also whit a machine at the 3point hitch! i had to pic up a botle of beere fram a small shelf!

Drive to a litle glass pot hang the botle above it and empty it in the glass pot(i think you spell it like this ??? )

Then i had to bring the empty botle to another shelf and place that on! (no score because i let the clutch slipp! and the shelf droped over!)

3rd thing

take a 4wheeled wagon and drive it back in a turn! i got to the portal where i must be drove in (only i was standing on the wrong side of it :-[ )

4th push an old tire of a silage trailer true portals (ive pushed it true 5 portals! ;D)

5th whe must take a small trailer whit an old oiltank filled whit water and whe had to fill litle buckets (but my tractor where to big and i coulnd turn in that area so i got only one filled! >:( )

6th Whe had to push steelplateanimals on a pipe that they would flip over on a iron pipe for each animal you get difrentpoints,the chicken whas 5 points and a horse one point! (i got 14points!) You all pushed the animals whit a smal pin atatched on the 3 point hitch but if you drove to far back,a buzzer went off and that one didnt count!

7th whe had to drive the frontweel off the tractor over a pivoting platform there was a pipe standing straight up whit a basket whit a bal in it.Ive you drove to fast the ball felt out and you had to back up and put the bal back in,then you must continue!

whe had to do it 2times in so much fast time i did it in 3minits and 40 seconds the ball feld out to times :-[:-X

8th here whe got a maze in the 3point linkage whit 2bals in it  true driving te tractor forwards and back worths you got whit youre rear wheels in a whole (left wheel and right wheel not at the same time so the tractor begon to hang over to one side)

I only got one ball true the maze and true the hole!

And last whe had to pull a boll on a container cari?r that was standing up to score as much points as you can.

The container had difrent holes whit difrent points the highest was 100point (i had that 4times total score on this one was 435points for me! (some one got 1300points >:( :'( )

i hope i have the explaining right and the english words right :-[

greatings johny MF


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well i was furius on my camera that the batery's where emty!

Maybe next year!

The ting is whit this games they are al difrent and it requyers much concentration and i almost never drive a tractor so it where verry dificult for me!

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