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Cabin of John Deere 8430T not removable?

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Hello, received the Britains John Deere 8430T as brithday present yesterday.

However, trying to get a 1:32 driver seated in the modell I discovered the cabin can not be opened/removed (at least I did not manage it even using slighly more force than usual ?), in contrast to the Britains John Deere 7930 which has the same cab but which can be opened ?

Is this normal for the 8430T or did I just not use enough force (but it really seems to be firmly attached; like bonnet and cab as one part?)

Any hint appreciated!

Regards, RdF

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turn it upside down and you'll see 2 screws which you'll have to remove, the front of the cab has a plastic bit that goes into the chassis which stops you from removing the cab without taking the whole thing apart, unless you gentley prize the bonnet off and get into the small gap with like a blade and cut the plastic bit so the cab comes off (I can post pictures of what I'm on about if you want)

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just got the whole cab off which would be better for you  ;) how you do this is take the tracks off and then unscrew the idler wheel part, then take the screw out that holds the steps to the cab, if you look at the model sidewards you will see 2 screws just under the cab remove them (both sides) and remove the pannels, then lift the whole cab off, remove the screws holding the cab to the floorpan and fit driver, then to put it togather reverse the process ;)

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