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Farmer Nick's worst nightmare has become a dream


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Well some interesting times have occured on the farm i walk over with the dog, the source of 80% of my pictures. They recently have hit bankcrupcy, there boss fired and they've had to sell of most of there machinery. Bad times.

Ever since i've been a nipper watching them they've used Deere, im in love with Deee tractors. But with the farm in new hands ( well im not sure whats happening ) they have brought in new contractors.

And my first real look at them today at work, with these two little beautys. One a Claas Ares something or other and the other a John Deere 7930.








It does look strange what there doing. Basically something bent on the drill, i think it was the markers but im not sure and they've got it off the drill and using the Ares' front linkage are bending it back straight  :D They seem like my kind of people  :D

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And came back a few hours later to see the 7930 back at work. Enjoy, any questions feel free to ask  ;)









Oh forgot to add these



And the nam of the contractors, i think there from Canterbury but my neighbour who knows alot more says that they came down from Cambridge  :-\


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Thanks all  :D

JCB123 - Definetly, got some more bits to go on tonight  :o

Kiwi nick - Yeah they do, im just happy they're still running dark green but the light green is certainly a bonus  :D

Mart - Yeah it's nice to see new people but as you said i've lost some good friends and alot of great characters over there. Which is definetly a shame  :(

Naschmach - Yuhuh  :D

Ben - Thanks matey, yeah we was very worried that developers would be interested in the land as they've got HUGE plans for practically a whole new town just over the motorway.

Keep posted everyone, some more action tonight ;) Just go to finish some coursework  >:(

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Well lets get tonights show on the road, they were back out in force again today. A total of 5 tractors working in close proximity. Four of which were NH .. whats going on  :o:D

I spotted this and fell in love with the combination. Still favouring the Claas tractors however but the NH do look quite stunning design wise  :)





See the irrigators and machinery in the background, ready for sale






Then just as i've turned round to leave .. SMASH



And that was the end of that


I also noticed that there was a small fire underneath a trailer near by, im not sure how it started but this driver spotted it and stubbed it out. Strange  :-\

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more nice pics

that is strange what colud of corsed that

Thanks again  :D And im really not sure, it was underneath that vegcraft trailer i put up yesterday. It seemed really strange but was in long grass so if someone threw a *** down and it caused a small fire or something  :-\ But was right next to an irrigation point, ironic  :D

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Fess up nick, it was you trying to get some atention from the driver so you could drive away in his tractor :D :D

What did you think of the rotary plough

:D :D It's a NH Nick  :D :D

And is that the blue thing  :-\ All i know is it had a big roller on the back? Is that what is called a rotary plough then  :-\ :-\

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