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Potato Harvesting, North East Fife

James T

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Beautiful day, after rather soggy conditions yesterday!  The photographs were taken at a small village called Gauldry, not far from the Tay Bridges (Dundee can just be seen across the Tay in a few shots).  The field was being harvested on Sunday, presumably nothing was done yeterday owing to the weather, so I decided to return today for some shots.  Face, camera and hair dust covered with the strong westerly blowing dust into my face from the haulm topper!











And finally, a nice landscape shot, near Balermino, looking over the inner Tay Estuary to the Perthshire hills and Carse of Gowrie:


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nice pics james looks like you had a good day with the camera  ;) nice area two by the looks like that last pic ;)

Yeah Graham, it's a lovely area.  I moved to Fife over a year ago but this is just the third time I've been in this particular part.  I really like how the fields steeply drop off to the edge of the Tay.  Would make a wonderful harvest time photograph  ;)

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What can I say that Graham has not already said. The last picture was excellent. Keep up the good work James. We need to get you up to Aberdeeenshire for our vintage working day in May if you can take photos like that !!!!

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If I'm free I'd be happy to come and get some shots taken for you Bill!

Seriously James that would be excellent. There is a large turnout of vintage & classic tractors with working machinery. In addition to that the area is quite high and the scenery quite spectacular with views of Bennachie etc you can see for miles around on a clear day. If that doesn't tempt you to come well the owner Alan Brownie has a store called BA stores and sells models and has a model display on a revolving turntable upstairs in the converted tattie shed.

Last years event was on the 19th and 20th May and I suspect the 2008 will be the 3rd weekend in May which will make it the 17th and 18th May 2008. You can pencil that in your diary at present. I will send you confirmed dates so that you can ink it in assuming you are willing and free!!!!

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