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Oliver Super 77 Diesel




Could someone please help me?

I grew up on a farm where we depended on our trusty Oliver Super 77 Diesel wide front tractor. Now that I'm grown and must live in a nearby city due to my job, I find that I would like to have a 1/16 scale replica of our tractor to set on my desk and remind me of my origins (to keep me humble).

However, I'm having a hard time finding a toy model of an Oliver Super 77 Diesel with a wide front axle. The closest I have come is the SCT241 model from Spec Cast (Super 77 Oliver Diesel narrow front). Can someone replace the front axle on the SCT241 with a wide front axle from another Spec Cast Oliver model for me? I'm certainly willing to pay for the effort.

Thank you,


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Mark my sources tell me that there was in 1999 by spec cast an Oliver Super 77 diesel made for the crossroads show, whatever that is, but also there is hope that the diesel model will be remade with updates......I can do a search to see if anyone wants to sell one if they have one....just let me know...

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Hmm... these Spec Cast Oliver Super 77 models sell for $39.00. But, I will pay more for one that is rare. Let's see, if it's in mint condition, I'll make it worth your while and pay double ($80.00) plus the postage fee. But, I would have to see a good picture of it first.



I would never take any cut or money for my part but i can see if anyone has one for sale....80 dollars is only 40 pounds for you to pay so if one could be found for that price u would do well....lets see if anyone here will part with one....

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